By every account, Nik Kulikov got into the real estate business at the worst possible time. The great recession had wiped out the optimism and security that homeownership had once seemingly guaranteed. But while many were rushing for the exit doors, Nik saw a chance to help people. Leveraging his background as a residential contractor, Nik began guiding clients toward renewed confidence and big dreams. Both buyers and sellers discovered an agent who was passionate about restoring a personalized, full-service approach to empowering people throughout the real estate process. Nik's unwavering devotion, innovation, and guidance opened up life-changing possibilities and pathways for his clients.

Today, Nik's talent for maximizing opportunities impacts every aspect of his mission as a realtor. From off-market access to prime properties before they're even listed, to knowing just how to empower sellers to command top dollar, Nik has honed a model for success that is helping people build wealth and create exceptional lives. His affiliation with Sotheby's International Realty puts the unparalleled global reach of the world's leading purveyor of luxury real estate at the fingertips of every single client and ensures his listings are seen by the largest audience possible.

As advances in technology have dramatically changed the landscape of the real estate industry in recent years, Nik has remained at the forefront of trends and innovation. His sophisticated marketing creates excitement around his listings through impressive photography, video, social media, and various multi-media platforms all designed for the most significant impact.  He also actively maintains a network of colleagues and competitive agents throughout the region and around the world that delivers access to exclusive inventory the public may never see.

But beyond all the accolades and accomplishments, Nik's love for his work and the people he helps shines through everything he does. The optimism that led him into the business so many years ago is the same contagious hope he still offers clients. Simply put, when Nik says it's possible, he delivers.

His balance of strategy, vision, and heart is strengthened through time spent with his wife and three active boys who remind him every day of the power of coming home to a place you love. On his rare days off, you might find him playing golf on a beautiful Oregon morning or volunteering with various organizations in his local community.  It's all connected-- a vibrant life, happy home, and thriving business.​